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Database Administration Iași

Database Administration Iași

Database Administration Iași

Reinvent your career

Who is it for?

This program is for those who have basic knowledge in IT (for details, see Intro to IT curriculum), a minimum B1 level in English and attention to detail.


4 months – 80 hours –  5 hours / week

in 1 session on Saturdays



Your investment for the program is 250 euros / month. All taxes are included.

Duration of the program: 4 months

Flexible payment methods

You find yourself in one of the descriptions below?

  • You want to work in IT and pursue a position in the development and management of databases: SQL Developer, Database Administrator, Technical Support.
  • You already interact with databases from a position of a tester, developer or web designer (and not only) and you want to deepen your knowledge.

What will you learn?

  • You will gain practical knowledge on how to design databases, you’ll know how to interrogate and to program them (SQL, PL / SQL and T-SQL).
  • You will learn to manage a database across multiple platforms and operating systems.
  • You will understnd the concrete activities carried out by a database administrator, and how to interact with other departments.
  • You will participate in the analysis of real cases and you will get a set of best practices to be performant in this area.
  • You will have a sound knowledge base to support a successful job interview, you can start a career in development or database management.
  • The concepts taught are put into practice during training sessions through workshops and hands-on experience.
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Database Administration Mentors

Ionuț Hrubaru

Andrei Ștefan

George Talaba

Registrations are available exclusively online

All programs are thought in Romanian.


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