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Java Development Timișoara

Java Development Timișoara

Java Development Timișoara

Boost Your Career! Become a Java Developer

Who is it for?

You must have a great desire to acquire knowledge in a different domain from the current one and have the ambition to meet complex challenges.

The ideal candidate should demonstrate a good ability to work with a computer and be prepared to solve complex logical problems. Any experience in another programming language is a plus (PHP, JavaScript, C, C ++).


5 months – 100 hours – 5 hours / week

Starting date: August 19 for Group 6

This date is estimated and depends on the number of registrations and the selection process of the candidates.


Your investment for the program is 250 euros / month. All taxes are included.

Duration of the program: 5 months

Flexible payment methods

What will you learn?

  • You will be an entry-level programmer in a “prime-time” programming language with one of the greatest popularity and fields of application
  • Will you be a candidate with very good chances for the top job with wages above the average even in IT Software
  • You will have opportunities to develop applications of the most interesting both for the corporate segment and custom projects for web servers
  • You will learn object oriented programming principles applicable to a variety of other languages and platforms which will give you the possibility of a career you can easily adapt to any other technologies
  • You will have knowledge about databases, concurrent programming, creating attractive and intuitive graphical interfaces and client / server programming that will be strong assets to start a career as a programmer
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