About - Școala Informală de IT




There is no recipe for such a complex mission. Just hard work.

Expert Mentors

All our mentors are professionals who gathered vast experience in Software Development.

Practical Approach

We organise our programs as workshops putting emphasis on the practical and hands-on approach of the topics,

Analysed Syllabus

We permanently invest lots of resources to keep up with the market dynamics, bringing the cutting edge topics in the main focus.

Convenient Timeframe

Everyone is busy. Ourselves included. This is why all our sessions are taking place in the afternoons or weekends.

Our Values 


We have no political, religious or social biases. Everyone has the right to pursue happiness in life. No discriminations.

Positive Attitude

We took on the challenge to inspire, motivate, mentor and teach people new skills. The positive attitude comes as a must have to attain success in such a complex mission.


Synergy is key for people to start thinking as a team. No ego, no me – just us together achieving our best.


Staying out of the comfort zone requires from time to time to show a pragmatic approach. We believe we have this in our DNA.


Respecting everyone else means respecting ourselves. Respecting ourselves means high standards. This is at the deep core of our organisation.

Continuous learning

The one who stops learning is the one who will shortly become obsolete. Keeping up with the rapid pace of the industry means to always continue learning. It doesn’t matter how or with whom, just continue learning.

The Project Kickstarters