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Challenge Accepted


Challenge Accepted

It’s just a simulation, up to a point

Our trainees from the Intermediate and Advanced Programs can participate to the Challenge Accepted Contest. We organise it several times per year. This is a fantastic opportunity to work and simulate real-life conditions. Under the careful supervision of our mentors we take on some awesome project ideas and start developing it from scratch and bring it to a minimum viable product. Beware, the teams are multi-disciplinary and there WILL be a tight deadline!

What’s in it for you?

Work on Real Projects
You get to work on a real project. Your team will be put together by the Informal School of IT making sure it will combine all the necessary roles: Project Managers, Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, User Experience Specialists, etc.
Work against a Deadline
In order to prepare you for the industry dynamics and to introduce you into the IT mindset, there will be a tight deadline for developing the selected project. Usually, we offer a 2 months timeframe for bringing the project to MVP.
Synergise with Your Team
You will get to work together with colleagues attending other programs. Teamwork makes friends. Friends means efficiency and synergy.
Create your Portfolio
Ofcourse you can take pride and have your work results directly on your resume. You will be able to expose the results of your work to potential employers.