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Alex Gabor

About: Alex Gabor

  • Program : Test Automation
  • Website :
  • Experience : 11+ Years
  • Specialist in : Test & Task Automation, Selenium WebDriver/Grid, RESTful API, Java, BDD, Cloud/Web Services, QA Engineering, Technical Leadership

The evolution of his career and the professional success he enjoys today prove his authentic passion for IT and an in-depth understanding of QA-specific technologies. Alex has a vast experience in automation testing, working on large-scale projects such as FinTech, Retail Management, Databases, etc., where he has deployed scalable solutions that have proven their efficiency in web, desktop, and mobile areas. Alex is also a Microfinance Expert (certified by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management).

“I am here to guide you in designing concrete solutions for automation software testing both front-end and back-end,” he conveys to those he will be menting, step by step, at The Informal School of IT.

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