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Payment methods

To generate easy access to learners at our programs, under the partnership that we have concluded with, we are making available the following methods of payment:

Online with credit card through EuPlatesc (Visa/Visa Electron/Maestro/MasterCard) 

If you selected the “Online Credit Card” payment method it is required to fill out a form with information about your card on the secured page of the payment processor.
  • Payments with credit / debit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) are made through the “3-D Secure” system, developed by the organizations that provide online transactions at the same level of security as those made at ATM or in a physical environment, at the trader.
  • “3-D Secure”, firstly, ensures that no information regarding your card is transferred or stored at any time, on store servers or on the payments’ processor servers, the information is entered directly into the Visa and MasterCard systems.

Important! – For payments through credit card there is not commission charged!

Online in equal installments without interest through shopping card

Once you enter the card number on the payment processor’s page, the system will automatically detect if a card is eligible to pay in installments at one of the banks agreed by the store and will display a list of where you can choose the desired number of installments.

With credit card issued by Transilvania Bank (Star BT Program) 

Now it’s easier to buy everything you want with STAR card from Transilvania Bank.

You chose your desired product? With STAR card you can pay in 5 installments without interest.

The program includes the STAR Card cards for shopping: STAR Forte, STAR Forte for Doctors, STAR Gold, Visa Gold BT-Rotary, STAR Platinum, Visa Business Gold Credit Card, Visa Business Silver Credit Card, BT Flying Blue Classic and BT Flying Blue Premium.

If you don’t have one of the cards from the STAR program apply here ( ) and online payments become simpler than ever:

Interest-free installments, grace period up to 56 days, zero commission on all purchases, secure Internet payments.

Go to and find all the advantages offered by the STAR program.
0800 80 2273 (CARD) Free call from any national network, fixed or mobile

*8028 available in any national network, fixed and mobile
0264.594.337  Available in any network, including international

With credit card issued by BCR 

It’s easy to shop when you have the GOOD FOR PAYMENT CARD from BCR! You have interest-free installments and discounts at partner merchants!

Pay with your BCR credit card on, and and you benefit of the standard offer of 5 interest-free installments!

Who can pay in installments? Are enrolled automatically and free of charge all customers who own one of BCR’s credit cards enrolled in the Program and which, at the time of the transaction at one of the BCR’s merchant partners, requests the “interest-free installments” facility. BCR credit cards enrolled in the 0% interest installments Program are:

  • GOOG FOR PAYMENT Standard MasterCard or Visa (including contactless) 
  • GOOG FOR PAYMENT Gold MasterCard or Visa 
  • MasterCard GOLD EUR 
  • EPB Platinum or World Signia MasterCard 

To pay online by card, in the order process select the payment option “Online with Bank Card”, enter your BCR card number and the desired number of rates. Online payments are processed directly by BCR through the platform EuPlatesc. The payment system is secured to the highest standards, including 3D Secure.

You need a PAYMENT card from BCR?

  • Apply now on or
  • Send a SMS to 1780, with normal rate, with the message “Card” and you will be contacted by a bank operator or
  • Call free, non-stop, from any national network InfoBCR at 0800.801.BCR (0800.801.227) 

With credit card issued by BRD Finance

Forget about the hours spent in traffic and the crowds in stores! With BRD Finance cards your plans come to life directly from the comfort of your home with just one click:

–        you choose the desired products 

–        you choose the payment option fitted to your needs and you pay quickly and safely:

  1. a)     pay with a grace period of up to 47 days: 0% interest during the grace period, 0% commission on the transaction.
  2. b)     payment in installments with 0% interest, choosing suitable repayment duration to your budget and benefiting of 0% commission on the transaction.

Consult the full details about the participating BRD Finance cards and payment options, as well as representative examples of reimbursement on

With credit card issued by Alpha Bank

The option of payment in installments with 0% interest through your card for shopping from Alpha Bank (VISA CREDIT, GOLD VISA, COSMOTE MASTERCARD, MASTERCARD CREDIT)

The new service offered by Alpha Bank enables shopping cardholders in lei, issued by the bank, to benefit from a solution of flexible payment installments for goods/services purchased with the shopping cards from the merchants affiliated to this service.

Comfort – for installments payment option you don’t need to apply, to shedule in advance or to get hold of documents. Simply request to pay with your shopping card for goods from Alpha Bank in the number desired number of installments and permitted by merchant partners.

Convenient – goods purchased by installment payment option with interest-free card. For goods thus acquired to benefit from 0% interest, you must pay a monthly rate related, equal to the cost of the goods divided by the number of months chosen for payment. If other types of transactions are made, it is necessary to pay the entire monthly amount to benefit from 0% interest.

Flexibility – you can use payment in installments whenever you want in your credit line related to your card. As the monthly installments are reimbursed, the amounts reimbursed are again available on your card account.

Freedom – you are free to use installments payment at any partner store; you have the freedom to choose the number of installments that suits best the maximum allowed; Account statement issued every month will show every time what rate you have to pay for the current month and the amount of future rates still to be paid, and via direct debit service you can choose that the total amount owed or the minimum payment to be refunded automatically from your current account opened at the bank, in the same currency with the card.