.NET Web Development Brașov - Școala Informală de IT

.NET Web Development Brașov

.NET Web Development Brașov

.NET Web Development Brașov

Boost your career! Become a .NET Web Developer

Who is it for?

This program is aimed to those who are yet inexperienced in programming and want to learn how to write a web application from A to Z.


5 months – 100 hours – 5 hours / week

in 2 sessions after 6 pm



Your investment for the program is 250 euros / month. All taxes are included.

Duration of the program: 5 months

Flexible payment methods

What will you learn?

  • You’ll be part of software development teams and will work in a very dynamic environment with changing technologies
  • You will work in an Enterprise Web Development environment using web technologies and Microsoft such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, C #, MSSQL
  • By the end of the program you will learn how to make a web application from A to Z
  • You will own a set of best practices and skills that will help you promote a technical interview with an IT firm
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.NET Web Development Program Coordinator

Daniel Costea


Registrations are available exclusively online

All programs are thought in Romanian.


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