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Completion of the registration form is considered the express and unequivocal consent of the user to access their personal data, and for the purpose of contacting and transmitting electronic messages. 

The Company assumes no liability for the correctness of the data provided by users throughout the registration form.

According to the requirements of Law No. 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, as well as of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR 679/2016), is compelled to handle the personal data provided by users only in conditions of safety and security. Moreover, we acknowledge the user’s right of retracting their information at any time. In this specific situation we will remove all of his personal information from our database. For any enquiries about one’s rights regarding the use of their data by  and the GDPR, one can reach out via the “Contact” section of our website.

Among the purposes in which the company can use this information and the entities with whom it may be shared, are associated with the promotion and/or commercialization of its services and/or products, such as:

— Keeping track of the users of, also known as ‘members’ of the website;

— Processing users’ orders or requests on;

— Offering other products and/or services to subscribing members;

— Invoicing of services and products offered by the company;

— Solving requests, questions or complaints made by users;

— Doing surveys regarding the products and services offered by EI SA;

— Contacting users (by mail, email, fax, text messages, telephone) in regard to products and services belonging to a company or relating to products and services belonging to third parties, which might be of interest to users (unless the user has made a written request not to be contacted in this regard);

— Registering the user’s information in order to allocate or offer rewards, discounts and other benefits, as well as to satisfy other requests or requirements that the user has, related to customer reward programs or other similar programs.


  1. Users’ rights:

a. to amend, update, block or delete, free of charge, the data they provided, whose processing is not in compliance with the Law No. 677/2001 and/or GDPR;

b. to request ceasing the usage of their personal data;

c. to request an end to receiving promotional messages.

Any notification from the user will be signed, dated and sent, via e-mail or in writing, to Educatie Informala SA.


If the user requests to end the processing of their personal data, access to some of the content of the  will be automatically restricted because it cannot function without the processing of the personal data of the user. 

Any attempt to access the personal data of another user, to modify the content of  or to alter the performance of the server on which it runs, will be considered an attempted fraud and will lead to criminal research against the specific person or those who have tried this.

The website  does not provide the collected information to third parties, without prior consent. Any statistical information on the traffic of site users, which we provide to third parties or to partner sites, is given only as a data assembly and does not incorporate any personal information about any of our users.


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Users have the option of unsubscribing when they no longer wish to receive the newsletter from  via the ‘unsubscribe’ link received via email. In order to unsubscribe, the user has to send a request via the feedback available on our website, after logging in.


  1. Limitation of liability 

The company is not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from:

— Use or impossibility of using  information;

— Unauthorized access to user data;

— Any affirmations made by a third party regarding the services of;

— Acquisition of complementary goods and services resulting from transactions or messages received and started by;

— Any other issues related to the services offered by

If you consider that a certain material on the site, posted by third parties or users, violates intellectual property rights or any other rights, it would be advised to report this situation to

Information and documents provided throughout website are given “as they are” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

EI SA is not and cannot be responsible for any inconsistencies, unavailability or other deficiencies in the or its content.


  1. Applicable law 

The present terms and conditions, as well as any dispute in connection to or arising of their clauses or from accessing/functioning/malfunctionality of the site abide by the Romanian law. The language used for terms and conditions is Romanian. In case of dispute, only Romanian courts in Cluj-Napoca will be considered competent. The site user accepts to adhere to these terms and conditions.

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The website may, without any other notification or formality and without requiring the explanation of its decision, suspend or block your access to the content of the site or part of this content.  also reserves the right to restrict users ‘ access to a part of or the entire content.

Certain parts of the content published on  may be provided to third parties with whom  has contractual relations in this regard. Furthermore, the content displayed throughout may contain third-party advertisement sections. The website is not responsible in any way of the content provided by third-parties, whether it is advertising or not. is also not responsible for the content included in the external pages that are given as reference.


  1. Approval of comments

The website  reserves the right to approve or not (without further possibility for users to re-enable them) information or comments sent for publication or published that are not in accordance with the terms and conditions in use, which are outside the topics the website deals with, or any information that is regarded unilaterally as illegal, discriminatory, insulting, inappropriate or harmful, in any form, to its own image, to partners or to third-parties. The user is solely responsible for the content of messages sent for publication. The user must be aware that posting, sending messages or information via communication platforms provided by is subject to these Terms and Conditions, and that this information may not appear on, if it is not priorly approved. The user must also understand that they may not publish, send other users or members of the any unsolicited commercial message, messages with confidential information, messages containing viruses or any other sequences of code which prove to be destructive or which may interrupt, remove or limit the functionality of the, “pyramid scheme” messages or any other activity meant to deceive the trust of others as any messages which contain illegal, immoral, insulting, threatening, abusive, indecent texts that violate in any way the intellectual property right or other rights that a third party may have.


  1. Changes to the present sections of terms and conditions

The website reserves the right to change these terms, modifying the version and date of the new regulation without fulfilling any other formalities. When these terms change, will notify users via email or message to their accounts, and by publishing on the first page of the site a link that makes reference to the new form of this document. Access to the site, your user account and the use of our services after the notification or display the link on the first page of the site implies that you have consented to the new terms. 


  1. Privacy

Any personal data such as: name, address, personal numeric code, serial number and ID, Passport series, telephone number, email address or any other identification date you submit to, by electronic mail or any other way, will be used in compliance with the privacy policy. Any other kind of information or documents that the users might send on this site, such as questions, comments, suggestions or other messages of this kind will be regarded as nonconfidential and unprotected by copyright laws.


  1. Protection of personal data

The commitment EDUCAȚIE INFORMALĂ SA is making regarding the protection of personal data:

Your trust in our services and staff is one of our main concerns.

In this respect, to provide the user with the best possible experience, we focus on continuing improvement in our entire activity.

EI SA knows the importance of your personal data and is committed to protecting their privacy and security. This is why it is important for us to provide users with information, in an integrated manner, related to the processing of your personal data in these terms and conditions. 

EDUCAȚIE INFORMALĂ SA is a Romanian legal entity, constituted as a closed-type company with exclusive private participation and has as its main activity the activity encoded according to CAEN Rev. 2 8559 – Other forms of education. 

EDUCAȚIE INFORMALĂ SA has its registered office in Cluj-Napoca, str. Henri Barbusse, no. 44-46, building CBC, building II, Jud. Cluj and is registered with the Cluj Trade Register under No. J12/1483/2015, having the unique identification code 34526760 and bank account: RO13 BTRL RONC RT02 9596 2001, opened at Banca Transilvania Cluj.

EDUCAȚIE INFORMALĂ SA has opened working points throughout various locations in Romania in the following cities: Bucharest, Brasov, Craiova, Iasi and is legally represented by the Chairman of the Board and representatives of secondary establishments.

EI SA respects the confidentiality of all our clients and the confidentiality of all visitors to our websites and will treat/process personal data with great care, in appropriate technical and organisational conditions of security. EI SA processes personal data received directly from users, as data subjects, or indirectly on the occasion of the commercial/contractual relationship and/or participation in events/conferences/ workshops/demonstration sessions organized by the company under the aegis of the Educație Informală SA or under another aegis according to another project of this kind initiated/managed.

Personal data is collected either only with your consent/acceptance, if provided knowingly, willingly, on your own initiative or on request of a company, for example through one of the online forms used, namely online contact form, online service order form, registration form, subscribing to newsletters (of course, only after you have chosen to receive these newsletters), participation in contests, programs of loyalty, promotional campaigns, etc. The use of this website, but also other websites of Educație Informală SA is subject to these general conditions of participation.

If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions do not use any of our websites or provide us with your personal data. Certain services may be conditional to granting of your personal data.


EI SA will not process your personal data except to the extent that this is necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned below, in compliance with the legal security and confidentiality assessment of the data.


 What personal data might Educație Informală SA process?

The processing of personal data is an operation or set of operations, that is carried out by automated or nonautomatic means, such as: collection, registration, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination, or making available in any other way, alignment or combination, restriction, blocking, deletion, destruction or archiving.

To access the websites belonging to EI SA, there is no need to provide us with any personal data.

In the context of the current activity of EDUCAȚIE INFORMALĂ SA, including business/contractual activity, participation in events/conferences/workshops/demonstration sessions/other events/manifestations organized by EI SA, involving the purchase of services EI SA offered on the website or otherwise, or subscribing to EI SA newsletter, as well as in the context of fulfilling legal obligations, we may request certain personal data.

In this respect, Educație Informală SA will process, among other things, the following personal data: name and surname, telephone/fax, home/residence address, e-mail, job title, IP address, bank account number, serial number and other ID information, Passport series, name and surname of parents, series and number of birth certificate, graduated school, studies performed, series and number of graduation certificates and other documents, series and number of medical certificate, etc.

Who are the data subjects?

The users whose data may be processed by the Educație Informală SA, solely for the purposes above mentioned, are:

– Clients, individuals/legal entities of the Educație Informală SA (current, former or potential), general public, their representatives/empowerment, legal or conventionals;

– Representatives/empowerment/contacts of legal entities (business/contract partners, organisers, co-organizers, suppliers, service providers, tenants etc. – current, former or potential) and institutions / public authorities.


 Consequences of refusal to provide personal data

You, as the person concerned, are required to provide complete, up-to-date and accurate data. In order to be able to provide certain services specific to the activity of EI SA (but not limited to, registration courses/training sessions/trainings), EI SA will request the personal data necessary for the provision of these services and the refusal to provide such data may result in the inability to provide our services to a company.

When you purchase a service provided by Educație Informală SA, as well as when you take part in the events/ conferences/ workshops/ demonstration sessions/ other events organized by Educație Informală SA, we will collect personal data in connection with supplying those services. Also, as a potential customer of the company, we collect personal data (images, data processed through video surveillance systems, etc.) in order to fulfill the legal obligations and conduct of the current activity (legitimate interest). By reading these requirements, by providing personal data in order to access the services of the company, you are considered informed, and/or you express your consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the legal requirements on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal information and the free movement of such data. 

If the processing of data is no longer necessary for the provision of a service, for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, nor is it justified by a legitimate interest of EI SA, you may refuse such processing or you can withdraw the previously given consent. For example, the data subjects may withdraw their consent to the processing of their data for direct marketing purposes, personalized offers, anytime and without the need to indicate a reason. After sending the request for withdrawal of consent, the person concerned will no longer receive commercial information about the events/services offered by our company.


What are the purposes of collecting personal data?

We use your personal data only for the following purposes:

– Organization of events/ conferences/ workshops/ demonstration sessions/ other events;

– Organization and support of training courses/ training programs/ other transmission sessions of know-how in the field of information technology;

– Progress of its commercial/contractual activity;

– Billing and cashing EI SA services;

– Marketing, promotion, advertising, contests, advertising lotteries, loyalty programs, including the submission of general or personalized commercial offers;

– Development and improvement of services;

– Management of customer relations, including contacting clients through any means of communication;

– Fulfilling legal obligation incidents;

– Communication with public entities/authorities/institutions or with the general public;

– Audit and control/surveillance activities;

– Archiving, statistical purposes;

– Collecting and retrieving of outstanding debts;

– Settlement of disputes, enforcement of court decisions, arbitration, court order etc.


Educație Informală SA will consider all information collected from you as confidential and will not share them with third parties (except for organisers/ co-organizers of some events jointly conducted with the partners/ collaborators of a company) without your express and previous consent.


 Who are the recipients of your personal data?

Data recipients may even be the users who have provided their personal data, as follows:

– Clients, individuals/ legal entities of the EI SA (current, former or potential), general public, their legal or conventional representatives; (for the purpose of conducting commercial/ contractual relations);

– Organisers and co-organizers of courses/ training programs/ trainings, tenants/ tenants of the course spaces or any space bearing the EI SA logo, suppliers, service providers, suppliers and other legal entities – Business/Contract Partners of Educație Informală SA, authorities/public institutions;

Recipients (other than data subjects) may be:

– Central and local public authorities, juridical authorities, police, the Court (within the limits of legal requirements and/or due to expressly formulated requests), banking companies, court executors, insurance and reinsurance companies, Market Research Organizations (statistical purpose), etc.

The confidentiality of personal data will be granted by the EI SA and will not be provided to other third parties other than those mentioned herein.


 Processing of personal data for promotional purposes (marketing)

Personal data provided by you (such as: name and surname, email address, fax , mobile phone number, etc.) will be processed by the company in compliance with your rights, particularly, the right of information and opposition, serving the following purposes: marketing (including direct marketing), competitions, advertising lotteries, customer inquiries on commercial issues, including those developed together with a partner of EI SA. The personal data provided by you will be used for promotional purposes (marketing) and for the products or services of its other partners, respecting your rights.

If EI SA intends to use your data for direct marketing purposes (if the users concerned have chosen to do so) you will be informed beforehand. You have the right to prevent such processing by selecting appropriate boxes from the forms/ documents used for the collection of personal data.


Regardless of the situation, if you want your personal data to cease to be processed by Educație Informală SA, you may require an end to any data processing on our behalf. Additionally, when you wish to no longer receive newsletters or information materials from the EI SA, you may unsubscribe using the “unsubscribe” button.


The users of EI SA websites are under applicable legal protection, and have the following rights: the right of access, right to rectification, right to deletion of data, right to restriction of processing, right to data portability and the right to opposition.


Personal data retention

In order to achieve its intended purpose, EI SA will process your personal data during the entire period of the company’s activity, until you, or your legal/ conventional representative will manifest the right of opposition/ deletion (except in the situation where the company processes the data on the basis of a legal obligation or justifies a legitimate interest). After the fulfillment of the personal data processing operations, for the purpose for which they were collected, if you or your legal representative will not manifest the intent of opposition/deletion, according to the law, the data will be archived by EI SA for a certain amount of time (specified in the internal procedures) or it will be destroyed.


What safety precautions are used to protect your data?

In order to avoid misusing of personal data, as well as potential threats, we use security methods and technologies, together with appropriate policies and procedures, to protect the personal data collected.

The overall security of the data transmitted over the internet can never be guaranteed. While EI SA is making every effort to protect your personal data, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of the information sent to the websites of Educație Informală SA. Any data transmission is at your own risk. Once we receive information about you, we will use strict safety procedures and measures against unauthorized, unlawful destruction, accidental loss or disclosure of personal data.


Security of bank accounts

In the case of card payments (example: purchase online products and services), the procedure is done via online payment methods offered by third parties, authorized in relation to EI SA. In order to eliminate the chances that your data is handled abusively/ unlawfully by unauthorized persons, authorized third parties in relation to EI SA guarantee the legal process and security of personal data (card number, expiration date, etc.) and the information systems used.


Conditions of transferring personal data outside the EU and the European Economic Area

Data transfers outside the EU and Economic-European area can only occur under the conditions specified by the national and EU legislation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on their free movement.


What are your rights?

By reading this document, you have been informed of the rights you are granted in accordance with applicable legal requirements, namely: the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to deletion of data, right to restriction of processing information, right to data portability and the right to opposition. Furthermore, when processing is done by consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time in written form, addressed to the company., under the applicable legislation, without affecting the legality of the processing based on consent before its withdrawal. You have the right to deny at any time, free of charge and without justification, the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes, using, if necessary, the unsubscribe function included in the marketing materials.


For other purposes, you have the right to oppose, at any time, free of charge, the processing of your personal data, mentioning the data and purpose enclosed, only for legitimate reasons. There can be an exception in cases where the company demonstrates that it has legitimate and compelling reasons justifying the processing, and which prevail over your interests, rights and freedom, or that the purpose is the finding, exercising or defending a right in court. In case of unjustified opposition, EI SA is entitled to process the data further.


By reading this document, you acknowledge and understand that the personal data provided to Educație Informală SA constitutes decisive elements for accessing the services offered by Educație Informală SA and/or conduct of commercial/ contractual activity.


If you, directly or by representative, exercise the rights mentioned above, in a blatantly unfounded, unjustified or excessive manner, the company may:

– either require a reasonable fee for administrative purposes or for taking the necessary steps towards fulfilling the solicited requirements;

– may refuse to follow up with the demand.

Likewise, if the persons concerned, directly or through the representative, exercise their right of opposition in a blatantly unfounded, unjustified or excessive manner, in particular because of their repetitive character, the company is entitled to consider any report concluded with the client of the company of law terminated, without any other formality or intervention of the court, except for a prior notification. Furthermore, you will be admitted the right to file a complaint in front of a supervisory authority and to include a juridical authority in the process.


How can you exert your rights?

For exerting any right stipulated by the internal and/or European legislation (with reference in particular to the EU GDPR) you can address the Personal data Specialist (DPO) within Educație Informală with a written request, dated and signed, to the following email address: or the following mailing address: Educație Informală SA, 59-61 Henri Barbusse Street, Fabrica de Pensule, 4th Floor, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County. A readable copy of the signatory’s ID will be attached to the application.


All these requirements may undergo occasional modifications/ updates. We recommend that you check these requirements for updates while accessing or any other website under Educație Informală SA’s egida. By accessing the websites of Educație Informală SA or using Educație Informală SA’s services through the aforementioned websites, the new requirements will be deemed accepted after the amendments.

This set of terms and conditions was adopted on the 24th of April 2018.